Wharton University and LUISS: an incredible opportunity

The role of travel firms in bringing foreign tourists back to Italy is now critical. Suite Travel, the first network of co-branded agents, is firmly committed to incoming travel. Suite Travel scheduled a trip for 100 US students from the famous Wharton University in May. Giada Marabotto and Antonella Ruperto, the owners of Suite Travel, a network of co-branded travel businesses present with two corners in Rome and Naples, believe in entering as a crucial area to revitalize Italy. Suite Travel has built a catalogue exclusively dedicated to arriving in Italy, in addition to the enormous offer dedicated to outgoing, and is installing a staff of experienced specialists with specific training in the area.

Suite Travel was picked by the prominent Wharton University of Pennsylvania as an official partner for the organization of an educational in Italy, which took place in May of this year, and this is the first significant outcome for 2022. The trip was attended by a hundred students from Wharton University’s Master of Business Administration program, which has graduates such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and the Italians Corrado Passera and Marco De Benedetti. They have visited Rome, Puglia (Lecce, Galatina, Gallipoli, Ostuni, and Alberobello), and ultimately Matera and on May 20, the Wharton Italian Club, in cooperation with Luiss Business School, hosted an exchange event in the capital.

The trip was a total of 9 days where they arrived on may 18th and the trip ended on May 26th. During their 9 day stay, the Suite travel organized everything and showed them different places starting from the ancient Rome to exquisite architecture and letting them experience the art of pasta making and of course making them taste the authentic wine. Suite Travel’s purpose is to provide a 360 ° service aimed at tour operators, travel agencies, associations, and clubs that want to organize tours in our nation, relying on a local partner, organized and group excursions, educational trips, school travels, incentives, conferences, events, weddings, and much more, for a diverse and accurate variety of proposals that go beyond the great classics.

With all that in mind, Giada Marabotto and Antonella Ruperto have chosen fresh and sparkling itineraries in different Italian regions, from Lazio to Liguria, full of moments that make them distinctive and spellbinding, from touring the hills of Rome in Ape calessino to cooking classes in the company of homemakers, the goal of Suite Travel is to provide an original product tailored to meet the desires of travellers.